City of Spata has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was one of the largest settlements in the Mediterranean region. The most important of the findings of the ancient period is the Sphinx of Spata dating from 570 – 550 BC. Today it is a rural city producing viticulture products and olive oil and is an important transport hub due to its proximity to Athens Airport.

Sightseeing in Spata:

Attica Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park is set amidst a beautiful green landscape and very close to “Comfort Stay”. For travelers with children or for those looking for a day full of adventure and a unique spectacle, the park is the ideal place. Admire rare species of the animal kingdom, colorful birds, feed dolphins, seals and sea lions. With its ally natural beauty, temperate climate and the Athenian sun in the blue sky, it is the place that will make your trip to the countryside even more enjoyable!

McArthur Glen Athens Shopping Center

The McArthur Glen Athens Shopping Centre is very close to the airport and next to the Attica Zoo in a great location. It is the ultimate shopping destination as it offers fantastic prices, discounts and a wide range of products. Restaurants, cafes, entertainment options and a playground for our little friends, offer a pleasant break for your shopping. The McArthur Glen Athens outlet is open Monday through Saturday, from 09:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Metropolitan Expo

The Metropolitan Expo is the largest and most modern exhibition center in Greece with facilities and services of international standards. Located at Athens International Airport El. Venizelos in Spata, Attica, only a few minutes from the METRO station and the Suburban Railway, while it is only: 5 minutes from the Airport, 15 minutes from the “Comfort Stay”, 35 minutes from the center of Athens.

Did you miss the Acropolis or the Acropolis Museum? No worries! You can always visit the Permanent Exhibition at the Airport

The permanent exhibition includes 172 ancient artifacts that date from the Neolithic and Early Helladic period to the Post-Byzantine period. It is located at the Central Station Building – Departures Level – Entrance 3, and housing the masterpieces of the Acropolis. The Museum includes copies of the marble reliefs of the west Parthenon frieze and a copy of ‘Peplophoros’, one of the finest tributes to the Archaic Acropolis. Museum Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 06:00 – 23:00.