“Comfort Stay” consists of nine uniquely designed rooms each decorated in a different style that have high quality equipment and decoration with direct and safe access to the garden of the complex. 

Nourriture & boisson

Breakfast Given the current concerns related to Covid-19, we have established house rules that guarantee the well-being and good health for our guests during their

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comfrort stay studios near Athens airport

Quelques mots sur nous

Maria is born and raised in Athens and has studied Greek Culture and Tourism. She has worked in Santorini and Cephalonia islands and Athens tourist

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Athens is one of the most impressive capitals in the whole world since it is characterized by a unique liveliness amidst an unsurpassed combination of

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Vravrona is one of the most important archaeological sites in Attica. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and was one of the 20

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The area of ​​Artemida has been inhabited since 2,000 BC during the Early Helladic period and was named after the goddess Artemis. It was the

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City of Spata has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was one of the largest settlements in the Mediterranean region. The most important of the

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Comfort Stay Daily Tours

Our experienced personnel offers: Daily tours in the Historic center of Athens (or half day tour). Walking tour around Acropolis in the narrow streets of

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