Special events in our yard this summer!

Comfort Stay Airport Boutique Hotel, has announced that it will be organizing special events for its guests this summer following its opening on June 1st.

“Our life has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. People want to travel and enjoy every single minute of their vacations. That’s why we wish to offer our guests true, authentic ‘philoxenia’, apart from excellent accommodation – by organizing beautiful nights and special events in our yard!” Maria Koukoula (hotel’s owner) said in an announcement.

Wine tasting
As the area is famous and known from ancient times for wine growing and wine production, the hotel plans to organize wine tasting events, under the guidance of an experienced wine connoisseur, so guests can become familiar with the local wine pallet and the great history of the area.

Live music
Comfort Stay will hold live musical performances in its yard. The hotel is planning beautiful evenings with food, drink and live music of all kinds for its guests. Greek nights – traditional feasts with live Greek island’s music and non stop dancing with plenty of “kefi*”!
*kefi means spirit of joy, euphoria, enthusiasm

Food tasting
The hotel will explore the finest of authentic Greek cuisine, including traditional “meze” and other local dishes and desserts for in order to offer a delicious culinary experience for guests.

An number of other events are also on Comfort Stay’s calendar, including yoga retreats, cocktail’s night, romantic candles night and cooking classes.

“We will be more than happy to welcome guests in this comfortable and safe environment. We will make sure that all of our guests will have pleasant and memorable guest experiences,” Maria says

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