The Vravrona wetland

The Vravrona wetland is situated on the coast of Eastern Attica, in the Municipality of Markopoulo, just 35 km away from Athens. The remarkable landscape has managed to remain almost intact. Erasinos River, the shallow bay on its estuary, the surrounding hills and the cultivated land, have created a rich wild life ecosystem, unique in Attica.
The area became well known from 700 BC, when the Temple of Artemis was built.
The presence of Erasinos River, the shallow bay, the surrounding hills and the contiguous cultivated land have created a rich ecosystem, really unique in Attica.
It combines a landscape of great beauty, rich in biodiversity especially for birds.
If you visit the wetland, you will have the opportunity to see pelicans, seagulls, swans, cranes, nightingales, and other species. Among the plants you may see hedgehogs, green toads (frogs) and Mediterranean turtles!